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Omaha Video Production

Tell Your Story 

Great stories are important, useful, emotive and inspiring.

Just like the work you do every day with your clients.

Your great story is best told by.......well, YOU.

That's where Digital Moxie Studio comes in.


You know your story is compelling, through our professional process we will help you share your story through video,

social media, media placements, eblasts, and paid advertising with the world...

or at least with the Omaha metro. 


Omaha Gives is a day to inspire action through your story. It is also a day where your story can get lost because everyone is telling their story. With Digital Moxie Studio, your story will stand out and get the attention it deserves.

With over 40 years in the advertising and communications industry, we understand what it takes to activate donors and raise your brand's awareness.


To meet your goals, we've designed a scalable package that will leverage your story to just the right level to meet and surpass your Omaha Gives goal! 

Omaha Gives Storytelling Base Package includes:


• One Main Story Telling Video  (2-3 Minutes)

• 3 Moxie Mini Driver Videos

   The Moxie Mini is a short attention-getting video. Perfect for social       media posts, eblasts and to share on your website. 

• 3 Eblast Templates, Scripts, and Unique Banners to Promote Omaha     Gives Day to your donor database 



Package Cost: $2900

Omaha Gives Add Ons:


• 30 Day Social Media Posting Calendar - $100

• Social Media Design and Posting Services - $300-500

• Design and enhance Omaha Gives Organization Page - $75

• Design and write copy for Omaha Gives Direct Mail Piece - $150

• Script for Donor Calls on Omaha Gives Day - $100