The Process:


is the process of determining goals and which creative direction the project will take. A successful project has strategy at its core, so before we shoot a frame or set up a light, we develop a budget, and figure out talent and locations. Ensuring that you love your video requires that every bit of creative direction and production is geared towards your goals.


is the actual days of shooting. This is when you’ve got all the cameras, sound devices, and lighting equipment armed and ready to go. It is less stressful knowing you have all the locations, talent, and other resources squared away, but things do sometimes go sideways.  My personal favorite stage of production, this is where we get to have fun- yes, you too! Being on set is magical. Surrounded by all the tools that will inevitably turn your vision into reality is just mind boggling and always an adventure.


is where everything comes together. All the hard work put into getting the resources needed for production, and later capturing it all on film, now depends on the magic of the editor. The editor literally takes all the footage captured during production and pieces it all together according to the guidelines defined by the client and the director. Editing can take anywhere from 1 to 30 days depending on the scale of production and the amount of extra graphics, color correction or special effects needed. 

Digital Moxie Studio handles a full spectrum of budgets and project types, all of which present their own unique needs and resources. Video production costs can vary significantly. Your video cost will be based the type and scope of video we produce for you.

I recently had an interesting conversation with my teenager. I told him when I was his age, I knew kids that were so certain of what they wanted to do. One was going to be a doctor, one work on cars and one was going to law school. I admitted I was a little envious of them, I knew I could be great at something, if I could just figure out what it was.

It may have taken me a little longer then my high school friends, but I found my passion. I love making videos and happen to be really, really good at it.

Thrilled to be making a living doing something I love and more than a little happy to be successful woman owned company in a male dominated industry.



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