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I grew up in an extroverted Italian family and we spent many meals around the dinner table talking and taking turns telling stories. It was a good day when you had a story to add to the mix. There was a certain thrill with guiding the dinner conversation, having everyone’s eyes on you and for a few minutes, our very loud and boisterous family actually listening to you. Telling stories was a chance for our family to share emotions, root for each other and create connectedness.


I went on to get my degree from Florida State University in Interpersonal Communications, the science of communication completely fascinates me. The fact that a good story can cause your brain to release chemicals that make you feel empathy, love and happiness is amazing. Crafting a great story reaches the humanness in us and can motivate behavior.


The more we learn as scientists the more it reinforces what I experienced as a kid. It’s a thrill to craft a great story.

Let's tell your story.


The Crew
Nate Gasaway
Matt Everson
The Process
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